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High Performance Bright Field Ring Light
Wash down Only

  • Intense illumination in a compact (116.9 mm DIA) housing
  • IP67 compliant design; washdown capabilities
  • Axial light source designed for inspecting non-specular objects
General Specs for RL127 Ring Light
Mechanical Specs for RL127 Ring Light
Optical Performance for RL127 Ring Light
Optical Cone for RL127 Ring Light
Operation and Wiring for RL127 Ring Light

  Download RL127 Spec Sheet

Installation Models and Drawings
  Download RL127 DXF Drawing
  Download RL127 Installation Drawing PDF
  Download RL127 SLDPRT
  Download RL127 STEP

Mounting Bracket

Light Bracket for NI Cameras
  Download DXF Drawing
  Download Installation Drawing PDF
  Download SLDPRT
  Download STEP